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"Body paint"

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Episode Summary: Following Nakao's funeral, Chibiki reveals that Nakao's death stemed from a head trauma he received whilst still in Yomiyama. After a discussion, Kōichi, Yūya, and Naoya decide to look for the item Katsumi mentioned in the old school building. The group runs into Mei, and the four of them search the old 3-3 classroom. There, Kōichi finds an audio tape by Katsumi, in which he explains what happened on the school trip to the shrine 15 years ago. Although praying at the shrine proved ineffective, something did happen that was very important; however, before it can be revealed, a teacher arrives, forcing the group to hide. Naoya accidentally breaks the cassette in the process, but Yūya offers to repair it. Meanwhile, Ayano and her family, who were moving out of town, are killed when their car is hit by a falling boulder and steers off a cliff, whilst Yumi Ogura returns home to discover her brother was killed when a truck carrying an excavator crashed into her house.

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