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61 Responses to “Ao No Exorcist Movie”

  1. luckynino

    Jul 21st, 2013

    jdna[piuanzc Na

  2. pookie

    Jul 21st, 2013


  3. Kanina

    Jul 21st, 2013

    very good it’s refreshing

  4. trang

    Jul 21st, 2013


  5. Luzend

    Jul 21st, 2013


  6. kaapkolonie

    Jul 21st, 2013

    crappy subbing all the way

  7. newtsponge

    Jul 21st, 2013


  8. Kumogani


    Jul 21st, 2013


  9. mayong

    Jul 21st, 2013


  10. xpiggy

    Jul 22nd, 2013


  11. corvera

    Jul 22nd, 2013


  12. Raining


    Jul 22nd, 2013


  13. Kazra

    Jul 22nd, 2013

    will there be a download link or we have to watch it live. T.T 5 sec. buffering for almost every minutes T.T

  14. Kazra

    Jul 22nd, 2013

    5 sec. buffering for almost every minutes. T.T
    can I get a download link. T.T

  15. animeloversp

    Jul 22nd, 2013

  16. APObisdHQa

    Jul 22nd, 2013

    A ver si ponen el download

  17. Henry

    Jul 22nd, 2013

    damn subtitle=.=

  18. gdgs

    Jul 22nd, 2013


  19. fenixz

    Jul 22nd, 2013

    download nowww

  20. xexo

    Jul 22nd, 2013


  21. tommyvanush

    Jul 22nd, 2013


  22. tommyvanush

    Jul 22nd, 2013


  23. aa

    Jul 22nd, 2013

    The translation sucks big time… :(

  24. christophermsanborn

    Jul 22nd, 2013


  25. FairSin

    Jul 23rd, 2013


  26. Avanza

    Jul 23rd, 2013


  27. Avanza

    Jul 23rd, 2013


  28. GURUu

    Jul 23rd, 2013

    I WANT DL ~~~ oWo awesome movie

  29. sao


    Jul 23rd, 2013

    amazing :)
    the feels…

  30. ZeD


    Jul 24th, 2013


  31. olympus

    Jul 24th, 2013

    good movie BAD SUBS

  32. eucli

    Jul 25th, 2013


  33. Godou

    Jul 26th, 2013

    Good movie

  34. BeriiCherry


    Jul 26th, 2013

    Can we have a DL link soon please :)

  35. aritsuke

    Jul 27th, 2013

    Sweet. Been waiting for this!

  36. FairSin

    Jul 29th, 2013


  37. makubexx


    Jul 29th, 2013

    DL link please…

  38. Lysi

    Aug 1st, 2013

  39. ceardan

    Aug 4th, 2013


  40. conqueror

    Aug 8th, 2013

    :) hope it will download

  41. Momo

    Aug 8th, 2013

    Awwe good movie =’)

  42. DestinyLaPlegua

    Aug 11th, 2013

    Where’s DL? :’(

  43. nicoleN

    Aug 31st, 2013


  44. shaira

    Sep 2nd, 2013


  45. lotusflower

    Sep 9th, 2013

    is there going to be a bl?

  46. Vladimer

    Sep 10th, 2013


  47. augis

    Oct 5th, 2013

    I SAY FINALY… I dont think it was “very good” But the good part, is that the anime creators havent given up on a Awsome anime :D that’s why i am prasing everyone. + the whole story made sence… Rin is totaly something awsome. I hope in the future, he becomes the Deamon king, and makes the demons be Usefull/Fun. And then people like could find a deamon in a street, and help him out… and not call excorsist and kill it… + i belive he could do wath couldent be “compleatly” done in: Deamon King Daimao. I think this is posible. I HOPE YOU NEVER DIE!

  48. iemica

    Oct 20th, 2013

    download link please.,

  49. rosewdsd

    Jan 19th, 2014


  50. Madison

    Jan 26th, 2014


  51. attackonlevi

    Jan 26th, 2014

    Love it!

  52. Jelly99

    Feb 23rd, 2014

    I love this anime! And this movie just took my breath
    (I) (I)

  53. amymemine

    Mar 8th, 2014


  54. HaikalDz

    Mar 24th, 2014

    Hey… We “dying” wanted the download link -_- please upload it

  55. DaveSwag

    Sep 1st, 2014

    I cant watch it because it says I have to refresh it every time I try……it so mean

  56. drixxx

    Mar 30th, 2015

    same prob

  57. mikachuuu

    May 17th, 2015

    That was amazing , thank you so much!!!

  58. lynnbeloy

    Jul 15th, 2015


  59. LolHunter

    Jul 27th, 2015

    Is there gonna be a season 2 where season 1 left off? Or pls get an OVA

  60. LolHunter

    Jul 27th, 2015

    So sad

  61. sushilovesluffy

    Feb 21st, 2016


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