Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de Episode 3 English Subbed

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"Lost Star & KID"

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Episode Summary: Gear finds out that General Alex is his father, but cannot rescue him because of the wound Alex got in the cell. Tejirov tells Gear that he must instead absorb Alex. He refuses at first, but Alex said says he has no choice and forces Gear to touch him. Before he is absorbed, he tells Gear the story of his mother, the only killer Alex considered to be his equal, whom he had to absorb after they were so badly wounded in combat that they could only survive if one of them absorbed the other. Opal is left unable to move after her battle with D. Fisher and is nearly killed by Vaiz's brother Voiz, but it rescued by a newly energized Gear, who joins the siege on the fortress. Tejirov leaves to prevent Bays from interfering with Gear, leaving Opal in Nel's care, but Vaiz surrenders, remarking that the battle is already lost. In the end, Segua takes Hope Fortress, and Gear is given the nickname of "Blue Sonic", becoming infamous throughout both the Ninteldo empires and their allied countries.

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  2. Sumimansen

    Apr 4th, 2013

    omg that was it ? thats all ? now we have see the new enemies and it ends like this ? o.O cant be right (>.<)
    will there be more episodes of this anime cause i like it its really interesting ;)

  3. icecoldsniper

    Apr 4th, 2013

    ten years later it finally comes out. lol.

  4. eden

    Apr 4th, 2013

    remember girls, masturbating before punching someone will give you the strength you need

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    Apr 5th, 2013

    Why the hell does this anime releases its 2 to 3 months per episode and its episode is just 20 min not an hour or somethin like that =.=…..but i this anime is pretty good

  9. jaredculture

    May 31st, 2014

    moto MOTO!!

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