Arcana Famiglia Episode 10 English Subbed

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"Arcana Family"

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Episode Summary: Felicita uses The Wheel of Fortune to try and change the relationship between The World and her father. Without knowing that if she uses her other Arcana power, The Wheel of Fortune, her memories will be erased. Dante rushes into the room to stop Felicita, but It was too late. Felicita had already used her Arcana power and loses her memories. Nova and Liberta and the members of the family find a way for Felicita to gain her memories back by using Jolly's Arcana power and she was saved by Nova and Liberta, While Felicita was walking in the corridor, she overheard Jolly and Dante saying that the relationship of Mondo and The World hasn't changed and Felicita ended up being advised by her other Tarocco card, The Lover.

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  1. Aposhtria


    Sep 3rd, 2012

    Getting boring.

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    Sep 3rd, 2012

    more on chatting.waste of time .watching this

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