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"Arcana Duel"
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Episode Summary: The Arcana Duello has finally started. And in the finals, Nova and Liberta are ought to fight each other, but in the end, both of them used their Arcana powers, making them both collapse. By default, Felicita fought and defeated her father, and she was able to use The Wheel of Fortune without losing her memories.

7 Responses to “Arcana Famiglia Episode 12”

  1. asasa

    Sep 18th, 2012

    the end?!!!!!

  2. BitNdragon

    Sep 18th, 2012

    well that was stupid. they better have some kind of second season cause this was a stupid ending

  3. Neo

    Sep 20th, 2012

    huh….. i have no idea what just happen…….

  4. MasterXemnas

    Sep 26th, 2012

    that a was a pretty dissapointing ending, i expected better but guess i was wrong -_-

  5. manny

    Oct 4th, 2012

    woow waste

  6. freakmango

    Oct 14th, 2013

    I continued watching this because of the Aracana Duel, but seriously, on the last episode? It was plotted very well especially the powers and cards and all, but they wasted it big time -_-

  7. Jelly99

    Aug 9th, 2014

    Dude… I’m not sure how I should feel now… The end…. What…?

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