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Episode Summary: The episode begins when Isabella, a maid of the house, says that she saw a ghost in the kitchen. Felicità and Libertà ask Nova to check the matter with them though at first Nova declines the request, but Libertà provoked him to tag along. While they search for the ghost, they find that it was a fake ghost Luca made with a white cloth and a broom to scare Pace since he ate all the candies made for the children coming to Piccolino. The day of the Piccolino arrives and at first, Luca shows some old magic tricks which the kids didn't find amusing. Debito then tells the kids a scary story regarding a demon and an orphan. Pace and Luca recall how much fun Pace, Luca, and Debito would have when they were kids and how they would come to the church. Later, the group and all the children go to play soccer. Debito tries to flirt with Felicità and Luca intervenes. Libertà soon takes note of the wind that picks up and eventually it begins to rain. Meanwhile, indoors, Mama tries to convince Nova to go out and play with the kids, but he admits that he does not how to act around kids and deems kindness as a weakness. Back at the church, the group has retreated due to the rain and they split into groups to escort the children home, leaving two kids with Libertà and Felicità. The two children are frightened about the storm and so Libertà begins to tell the two a story about how a hero who saved a captain on the stormy sea, but stops as he begins to realize he was speaking from memory and had forgotten the end of it. The story strangely shows Dante with a full head of hair, indicating the incident may be a cause of his baldness. Eventually, Nova arrives at the church as Felicità and Libertà are about to leave, explaining that all the children had already been taken home. Confused, Nova asks why a child was left behind. Surprised by the statement, the two turn and discover a strange child named Elmo standing behind them. Libertà goes down to get a blanket from the basement for Elmo after noticing how cold he is, and begins recalling the memory of Dante on the ship again. Elmo asks Felicità about a strange feeling in his chest. When Libertà returns with the blanket, a bolt of lightning flashes and Elmo disappears from his seat only to be near the church door. He announces he is going home and Nova insists he wait and go after the storm calms down but instead, Elmo runs out. Nova chases after him and finds he is nowhere to be seen. The scene ends with Jolly saying, "Did you have fun today?" with the recipient never being seen.

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