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"Childhood Friends"

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Episode Summary: Following the previous episode, Libertà is shown to still feel awkward interacting with Felicità to the point that when limone pie made by Felicità and Luca is served, he slips away from the group. When Nova confronts Libertà afterwards and says that Felicità had nothing to do with his issue with Dante, Libertà retorts to Nova whether he can face his own past as well, to which Nova says that it is none of his business. While helping Felicità deliver the rest of the limone pies to Mama, Nova recalls a fragment of his past where he meets Papa and Mama for the first time, and where it is revealed that Nova is to be Felicità's betrothed. The next day, Nova brings Felicità to patrol the town along with the Holy Grail division, and along the way, with the help of Felicità's Arcana ability, the two of them manage to stop a few thieves who tried to steal the wallet of a guest from the Isis Regalo, the casino from the Coin division. Along the way back, Nova thanks her by handing her a pouch filled with fertilizer for her flowers, and ends up lecturing her on how despite how she feels about people not expecting much from her, that it is the exact opposite of what she is thinking. That night, Nova dreams of his past where his parents talked to him about gaining the favor of Mama and Papa so that they would be able to take over the Arcana Famiglia instead. The next morning, Nova is informed by one of his subordinates that there seems to be an unequal distribution of funds to the research division. Interrupted in the middle of his investigation by Luca, he is lectured about being too cold towards Felicità, and that he wants Nova to become closer to her, despite his own objections. Later on, Nova sends Felicità to investigate the doings of the research division, as she would be the least suspicious person. Discovered to be fiddling with the lock with the key given to her by Nova, Jolly brings Felicità into the research division's area, and hands her a few documents, saying that she can come back and investigate any time. As Felicità leaves though, Jolly is found opening a curtain to the back of the research division's area, to reveal a large, cylindrical tank with something floating inside, stating that it cannot be found just yet. While searching through the papers provided by Jolly, Felicità and Nova both stumble on the clinical charts of Nova's parents. Felicità tries to soothe him by saying that there might just be a cure for his parents, while Nova denies it, telling her that the reason they won't wake up, was because of him using his Arcana ability, Death, to put them into a deep sleep, due to wanting to protect Mama and Papa. After hearing his story, Felicità sheds tears for Nova, who states that she doesn't understand his feelings, since she was raised in a loving family, and that it would be better for her to leave him alone. The episode ends with Felicità wanting to do something for both Libertà and Nova.

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