Arcana Famiglia Episode 6 English Subbed

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"The Board! The Final Battle"

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Episode Summary: This starts with the head of each group gathers for a emergency meeting because Nova's father was kidnapped by pirates. During this meeting, Jolly orders them to not do any selfish movements. Libertà tells Nova that he should go save his father. Felicità hears this and agrees to what Libertà said. Nova agrees and the three go to the shore. They enters the ship and they start to search for Nova's father. As they are looking they come across the pirates. The three fight with the pirates but it was not going to end soon then Nova says that he will use his Arcana power and put them to sleep. Meanwhile, Libertà and Felicità went to look for Nova's father . They found him and went back for Nova while carrying his father. When they reached the deck, a masked man was waiting for them. This masked man was wearing the mask that Dante wore when he saved Libertà from the orphanage. Libertà and Felicità fight this masked man and they win but since Libertà kicked the masked man into the pole, the pole cracked and leaned towards Felicità. Libertà remembered how Nova used his Arcana power and this gave him confidence to use his own. Libertà used his power and shattered the pole and after he passes out. Felicità ran to him but the masked man knocks her out and lays her down. Because of the knife that Felicità threw, there was a crack in his mask so it split in half. Behind that mask was Dante and the pirates were the crew. This was all a plan to help them realize that they were weak and to help them increase their powers before the Arcana Duello. When they woke up they were in the underground cell. Jolly came to them and told them that Nova's father was saved and that they were found on the shore unconscious and that the reason they were closed in was because they disobeyed orders. This episode ends with Jolly saying that the things that happened on the ship was as if they were tested to use their Arcana powers. But as results that is. As he says this and walks away, they are wondering why Jolly knows what happened on the ship.

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