Arcana Famiglia Episode 7 English Subbed

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"Their Secrets"

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Episode Summary: A heart beating day for Felicità. Luca, Pace, Debito and Felicità all go on a trip to Luca's 'secret base'. Luca has a small garden for his herbs he uses for his Alchemy. He used to grow his herbs at the family house, but Jolly always took them and used it. Now Luca has his own garden that he harvests every year that is far away from the house that Jolly won't think of looking for. Tensions between Luca and Jolly are shown, how Luca doesn't think of Jolly as a good person. The traveling group reaches a cave which is the entrance of the garden. But, Pace falls into a few traps that Luca set up for Jolly. Once they reach the garden, Luca makes Pace and Debito harvest the herbs and Felicità offers to lend a hand as well and Luca is filled with joy. After they harvest all the herbs, they sit down to have lunch. At that moment, Nova and Libertà burst through the doors. At the beginning of the episode, Nova and Libertà are walking down the street with a letter given to them from Mama. Mama told both of them to deliver it to Felicità. They look everywhere for her, but with no luck. When they head towards Debito's casino, they catch a woman who one of Debito's men was chasing. They catch her and hand her over to Debito's man as he cuffs her, but she walks away, showing that he had accidentally cuffed Nova and Libertà together and not the women's hands. The women runs away and the man follows her. Then, cuffed together, Nova and Libertà walk by a fortune teller on the street who gives them a riddle to finding Felicità. They then follow the riddle which leads them to Fran, the white cat that Nova saved earlier during episode 2, at Ms. Federica's shop. They follow Fran to the cave entrance to the secret garden and fight through the traps set up by Luca with each others swords due to the handcuffs. They later meet the others at the garden and Luca, Pace, and Debito explain how it was all set up for them to meet at the garden. Luca had used a potion to lure the cat to the garden. Pace brought a camera to take a picture of all six of them at the garden for a keepsake. Nova delivers the letter to Felicità, which she reads and blushes at it. Mama told her to kiss the two boys because they went through a lot to give her the letter. It is later shown that Mama had Ms. Jovanna act as the fortune teller. Each person at the garden gets a copy of the picture they took together. Pace puts his photo on his mother's grave. Debito is seen in his room looking at the picture about to tear it, but hesitates, and then clutches his right eye with his hand. Luca shows the picture to Mama and says that he needs to distance himself from Felicità. Nova speaks to his sleeping parents about his day while looking at the picture. Dante looks at the picture the group as Libertà spars with another with his sword. Felicità puts the picture in the frame and says 'Gli Amanti' as her Arcana mark shows.

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