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"Doing That Wonderful Job..."
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Episode Summary: Akira takes Akari, Aika, and Alice out into the canals for training, where she is critical of their performances. Partway through the morning, she picks up a honeymoon couple for a gondola tour, with the younger undines observing. The couple, especially the woman, is impressed by Akira's professional demeanor and ask they be allowed to observe the afternoon training. The couple finds that Akira is a harsher trainer than guide. When Alicia brings them a mid-afternoon snack, the woman recognizes her as another of the Three Great Water Fairies. At the end of the afternoon, Akira purposely entraps the trainees in a maze of canals formed by the rising tide and several low-lying bridges. After failing separately to find a way out, they work together: Alice notices a current running through an abandoned building, which they follow, Akari rowing and Aika navigating with a lantern. Akira treats them all to pizza, refusing to scold the trainees for their failure as they are already feeling remorseful.

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