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"The Day of Festa Del Bòcolo..."
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Episode Summary: During practice, Aika and Alice watch Akari exchange friendly greetings with several people. Alice comments that Akari seems to know more Neo-Venezians than they do, even though they are locals and Akari is an immigrant, which she finds "mysterious". Aika and Alice decide to secretly watch Akari as she runs errands to find out how she makes friends so easily. The follow her onto the vaporetto ferry and watch her chat with fellow passengers, conversing easily even though they just met. Because they are hiding, the two miss Akari's stop but see her disembark with a mysterious man. After they backtrack on another vaporetto, they follow President Aria's voice to find he and Akari enjoying the man's street puppet performance, which Aika and Alice both remember watching as children. Alice concludes that Akari's mysterious ability comes from her taking joy in nearly everything and being naturally nice to everyone.

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