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"After That Rainy Night..."
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Episode Summary: Continuing the previous episode, that evening, Alicia and Akari eat a picnic dinner on the worn-out training gondola. Alicia tells Akari this was also her first gondola at Aria Company, and a flashback shows her as a Pair colliding with a bridge during her first lesson with Grandma Akino. Another series of flashbacks shows Alicia and Akari as Pairs each learning how to clean the gondola. Aika, Akira, Alice, and Athena join them for a "Thank You, Gondola-san party". Akari's photo of the three trainees with the gondola reminds Athena of a similar one of the three mentors, and a flashback shows it being taken on Alicia's promotion to Prima, when she had to give the black training gondola up for a Prima's white gondola. After the party, Akari stays in the gondola late into the night even after it starts to rain, and when she falls asleep, the spirit of the gondola puts an umbrella over her. A few days later, as Akari rows her replacement gondola back to Aria Company, she is startled when she passes her old one carrying a full load. Ai tells Akari that she'll have many new experiences with her new gondola.

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