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"That Night Of the Galaxy Express..."
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Episode Summary: A distant train wakes Akari at 2:00 AM, even though Neo-Venezia's railway has shut down for the night. The next morning, she suggests to Aika and Alice that it's the train from Night on the Galactic Railroad. President Aria sees Akari rereading the novel, and that night brings her a ticket sealed with Cait Sith's giant paw-print. The next day she tells Aika and Alice she has a feeling it would be better if she didn't meet Cait Sith again, but Alicia later encourages her to take this chance to get close to "Aqua's spirit". Late that night, President Aria takes her to the tracks, which were not present during the day, and when a train arrives, several cats start to board. Before Akari can follow, she notices a kitten has lost its ticket and gives it hers. She recognizes the disguised conductor as Cait Sith and thanks him for saving her in the cemetery, and they embrace. She asks why he watches over her and in response, he stamps her forehead like a ticket. As the train departs, Cait Sith takes off his conductor's cap to her, and in the morning the stamp is still on her forehead.

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