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"Those Undines of Tomorrow..."
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Episode Summary: On a rainy day, Akari and Alice visit Aika's room for a group study instead of gondola practice. When Akira greets them, they are watched by two of Akira's colleagues, and Aika takes this as a one more sign her improving skills are being noticed within the company. The trainees study for a while, but when they start dreaming about what titles they will take as Primas, Akira gives them paperwork to sort. When Aika returns the completed paperwork, she eavesdrops on the same colleagues and learns they aren't talking about her but badmouthing Akira, saying she's stuck-up because she's one of the Three Great Water Fairies. She returns to her room, upset, and tells Akari and Alice. Akira overhears her and tells them that backbiting is inevitable in the competitive world of undines, and must be accepted as another part of the job. When Aika complains that it's frustrating, Akira says that for some reason, people always remember the one bad thing that happens amid all the good, and you need to take neither for granted. She opens the window shutters and reveals that it has stopped raining. The trainees conclude they must grow stronger to become Primas.

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