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"The Fruits Of That Encounter..."
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Episode Summary: A week before Festa del Redentore, marking the start of autumn, Akari worries because she hasn't received any e-mail from Ai for a while. Akira, Alicia, and Athena give the trainees the assignment of hosting a Redentore houseboat, including all of the planning and decorating, as a way of practicing their entertainment skills. Alice quickly designs invitations, which makes Akari and Aika more enthusiastic about the task. Akari invites Ai, despite not hearing whether she will visit Aqua for Redentore as once planned. The three work hard through the week, and the night of the festival, all the guests arrive but Ai, who still hasn't responded. Just as the boat is pulling away, Ai arrives at the dock, saying she hadn't replied because she wanted to surprise Akari. Their dinner is a success, and after the table is cleared away, the conversation lapses into a silence that Akari calls peaceful, shortly before the midnight fireworks. In the end, the guests toast their hosts in thanks for bringing them together.

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