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"That White, Kind City..."
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Episode Summary: On the first snowy day of winter, Akari asks Aika and Alice during a break in practice what, as children, they wanted to be like when they grew up, but they come to no conclusions. Later, as Alicia and Akari go for a walk through the snow-bound city, Akari asks Alicia what she wanted to be like when she grew up. Alicia stops to think, then begins rolling a snowball. With the help of several passers-by in succession, it grows to be almost as large as they are tall, and their helpers thank them for the fun. They end up in a dead-end square, where the residents start a second snowball, then a third to make a complete snowman, which they all decorate together. As they walk home, Alicia finally answers Akari's question by saying that when she was a child, she noticed that when you start rolling a snowball, someone always helps, leaving everyone satisfied and happy—and decided that she wanted to be an adult who helps people be satisfied and happy in other ways. Back home, when Alicia asks what Akari wanted to be, she says a fairy, and Alicia replies she will be one soon.

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