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"The Day of Festa Del Bòcolo..."
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Episode Summary: As Akari wades through the streets during Neo-Venezia's annual flooding, she realizes it's Festa del Bòcolo, the day women receive a single red rose from admirers. She meets Akatsuki, who is buying as many roses as he can for Alicia, because just one won't express his "infinite" love, and needs Akari's help carrying them. When they run into Aika, she also has a rose for Alicia and runs ahead to give hers first. When a saleswoman tells Akari the origin of Bòcolo in a tragic Manhome legend about a knight and his lady, Akari comments that the knight's love lives on in roses. Aika fails to find Alicia but meets Al, who gives her an uncut red gemstone called "Eye of the Rose", which he says will look good on her when polished. Akatsuki and Akari finally meet Alicia, but he is too nervous to present Alicia his roses before she assumes he had given them to Akari, and leaves them alone together. As Akatsuki flounders after Alicia, he spills the roses, and Akari describes them as his feelings spreading out across the water, saying they will reach Alicia as they drift on the current. For helping him, Akatsuki gives Akari her first Bòcolo rose.

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