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"The Day of Festa Del Bòcolo..."
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Episode Summary: When Akari gives a city tour as an undine under Alicia's supervision, her clients discover a flower garden she hadn't known about. After the tour, the three trainees search for more secret wonders of Neo-Venezia, during which Aika and Alice compete to show a wonder the other doesn't know. During that night's planned maintenance blackout, because Akari is afraid of the dark, Alicia sets out candles at Aria Company, turning it into "another world", and offers to sleep in Akari's room. When Akari despairs about how little she knows and of ever reaching Alicia's level as an undine, Alicia tells a story of her own ignorance of the city when she was a Single, and a flashback shows Akino comforting her with advice on how to find hidden wonders in things held closely. When they retire for the night, they discover the unsuspected beauty of starlight through the skylights in Akari's room, showing that a place can show different beauties at different times. Alicia says she is glad there she will always have new wonders to discover, and Akari agrees.

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