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"Aria the OVA: Arietta"
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Episode Summary: After Akari dreams she's a Prima in charge of Aria Company after Alicia's departure, nervously coaching Ai as a new Pair as well as another Single, she spends the day pensive. That evening, Alicia tells her about being a new Prima herself, shown in a flashback: After Grandma Akino retires, Alicia initially doesn't have the confidence to teach another undine, even after Akira has taken on Aika as a Pair. One evening Akira takes Alicia up the Campanile to see the view at sunset, and tells her this wonder is something undines must pass on to not only customers but the next generation of undines. Alicia agrees and hires a new Pair from Manhome—Akari. In the present, Akari asks how Alicia came to choose her, but Alicia says that's a secret. At Alicia's suggestion, that night they go to the Campanile after visiting hours. As they climb the tower, they hold hands, and Alicia thanks Akari for being the sort of student who shows her teacher new wonders, and for giving her confidence. As they look down at the lights of the nighttime city, Akari decides to treasure her remaining time with Alicia. [edit]

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  1. MahouHighPresident

    Sep 9th, 2012

    Wow, this OVA is so beautiful.I like the nostalgic feeling it gives.

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