Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova Episode 3 English Subbed

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"The Fortress Port of Yokosuka"

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Episode Summary: The I-401 and her crew reach the Yokosuka Base for repairs and resupply, and Gunzō takes Iona for a visit to Navy memorial for those that died in the war against the Fleet of Fog. Soon after, they are taken against their will by the Japanese Army with the rest of the crew to meet Ryōkan Kita, a former member of the Navy and an influential politician who attempts to convince Gunzō to relinquish the I-401 to the Japanese Army with no success. Meanwhile, Takao is approached by the mental models of Fog surveillance submarines I-400 and I-402 and reveals her intentions to abandon the fleet and join Gunzō's side. However, she is informed by them that two Fog battleships were dispatched to sink the I-401 and Takao leaves, claiming that she will wait for Gunzō at another location. When the Yokosuka port is under attack by said battleships, Haruna and Kirishima, Gunzō and his crew return to their submarine, subduing all resistance from Kita and his men and prepare themselves to confront the new enemies before them.

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  1. Greg

    Oct 21st, 2013

    Subs are out of sync badly

  2. DanWithWings

    Oct 21st, 2013

    There are only subs for about two minutes, it cuts off the intro and removes the subs

  3. Greg

    Oct 21st, 2013

    If u keep watching they come back on but never sync back up so its unwatchable unless u dont need subs since they are off

  4. shadowxsx


    Oct 21st, 2013

    Guess some of these sub groups have never heard of checking their work

  5. manwithknife

    Oct 21st, 2013

    subs are nice but learning Japanese. means i don’t have to wait as long for new episodes.

  6. NarDog

    Oct 21st, 2013

    Yeah, subs are out of sync.

  7. Ragingfox


    Oct 21st, 2013

    Mirror 3 added, subs syncd

  8. animeloversp

    Oct 22nd, 2013

    Reason the subs are out of sync is because someone decided to cut out the OP… dumbass

  9. lurkingbad

    Oct 22nd, 2013

    thanks to them we can still watch this anime here….

  10. karpo

    Oct 22nd, 2013

    eventough the subs is not sync, we still need to thanks them who brought this anime for us, lets patiently wait for the sync subs, ok?

  11. Manwithknife

    Oct 22nd, 2013

    Thank you Ragingfox

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