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"Parentheses of Passing"
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Episode Summary: Naoya brings his ten year old daughter, Asuha, to the Creature World. Upon learning their ages, Astarotte grows upset since it would mean he had an affair when he was thirteen, though Asuha is quick to jump to Naoya's defense. Wanting to apologise to her, Asuha enrolls into Astarotte's school, where she makes some new friends, Mist, Yuna and Lucca, who mention they haven't had the courage to be friends with Astarotte. As Asuha makes up with Astarotte, rumours spread about a 'human male' on campus, which turns out to be a rampaging llama from a zoo. As it goes wild, Mist, Yuna and Lucca step in to defend Astarotte before Naoya manages to calm it down. Afterwards, Astarotte manages to make friends with the other girls, who affectionately call her 'Lotte'.

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  1. Sugoisan

    Sep 20th, 2012

    … 23? this anime is pushing it too much.

  2. Xicotl

    Dec 16th, 2012

    Well Sugoisan, I suppose she is a succubus. Who is to say how maturity of the body works in anime demon land.

  3. hey oh

    Apr 2nd, 2013

    23 my ass

  4. Drex

    Aug 2nd, 2015

    She is 10, he is 23

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