Asu no Yoichi! Episode 12 English Subbed

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"Yoichi Fights On!"

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Episode Summary: Yoichi, Kagome, Chihaya, and Ayame arrive at the Saginomiyas' residence and cross the river surrounding the castle using a makeshift raft. Ukyō orders Sakon to chase Yoichi's group away, which she reluctantly accepts. Yoichi's group enter the castle and meet Sakon, who reveals her brother's plan to marry Ibuki. When they refuse to leave, she orders her maids to shoot at them; Yoichi protects his group by blocking the bullets with his bokken. Sakon's use of sleeping gas backfires and causes her maids to fall asleep. Yoichi pleads with her to return Ibuki, but she slaps him and disappears. Yoichi's group encounter more guards, and Washizu, Tsubasa, Angela, and Torigaya intervene. Yoichi, Kagome, Chihaya, and Ayame chase Sakon into the chapel, where Ukyō is preparing his wedding; however, he and Ibuki escape through a hidden platform. Yoichi follows him to the roof, where they fight each other. Ibuki recovers her memory but falls off the roof. Both Yoichi's group and Ukyō attempt to follow, but Sakon holds Ukyō back while Yoichi's group falls into the river. Everyone in Yoichi's group survives the fall. Yoichi sends a letter to his father stating his wishes to stay at the Ikaruga dojo.

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