Asu no Yoichi! Episode 3 English Subbed

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"Amazing Without Clothes"

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Episode Summary: Tsubasa Tsubame, a clumsy and shy girl, transfers into Ibuki and Yoichi's class. When Yoichi comments on her cuteness, Ibuki quickly beats him. It is revealed that Tsubasa once lived in the mountains, without any luxury, to learn martial arts with her subordinate Angela Takatsukasa. After school, Angela strips Tsubasa's clothes off in front of Ibuki and Yoichi to transform Tsubasa into a skilled martial artist. Tsubasa attacks Yoichi, but Washizu interrupts the fight, covers her with his jacket, and offers to fight Yoichi for her. This pulls Tsubasa out of her stupor, and she flees the scene crying. Later, she tells Angela that she hates her and martial arts; however, they later apologise to each other. The next day, they start working at a restaurant with Tsubasa making deliveries and Angela cooking.

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