Asu no Yoichi! Episode 5 English Subbed

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"Let's Go On a Date!"

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Episode Summary: Ibuki is afraid that Yoichi will damage the Soaring Wind's reputation because he was invited on a date by Yui Hinagata and takes him on a practice date. They go to a toy shop, where she shows interest in a plushie. Ayame sees the two together and follows them with Chihaya and Kagome. Ibuki goes bowling with Yoichi and attempts to take his hand afterward, but he turns around, and she trips, causing both to fall into a fountain. Yoichi gives Ibuki the plushie and thanks her for the practice date. She remembers that this is not a real date and rushes off to buy drinks, with Chihaya and Kagome watching them behind bushes. Hinagata meets Yoichi near the fountain, and he declines her request for a date; she then fights him with a three section staff. Yoichi ruins Yui's uniform, and she runs away. Ibuki is meanwhile confronted by two men who criticise her for being with Yoichi. Yoichi, Chihaya, and Kagome hear Ibuki's voice and rush to her aid to find that she has defeated her assailants.

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