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"Back Then,You Were Badass"
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Episode Summary: Washizu is determined to confess to Ibuki about his love letter. He walks into a shop to buy a drink and sees Ayame choosing the same bottle, causing an argument. After training in Ibuki's dojo, Washizu fails to give the love letter to her. Ayame also fails to give Yoichi a towel. Washizu's love letter falls out of his keikogi, and Ayame picks it up. Washizu tears the letter up before she can read it and falls on her. At the same time, Tsubasa is on a ramen delivery run for the dojo and opens the door to see Washizu on Ayame. Tsubasa gets flustered, drops the ramen boxes, and flees. While eating ramen, Yoichi comments on Washizu's mellowness. It is revealed that Washizu has beaten up the toughest high school gang in the area. The gang walks into the dojo and kidnaps Ayame. Threatening to spread revealing photos of her, they beat Washizu up. Yoichi intervenes and with Washizu's help, beat up the members of the gang.

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