Asu no Yoichi! Episode 9 English Subbed

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"A Summer Festival: Plunging Into the Fire"

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Episode Summary: When Yoichi hits Washizu for daydreaming, he runs out of the dojo and shouts his confession to Ibuki, which Ayame overhears and thinks is for her. Upon returning, Washizu is paired with Ayame, and they spar aggressively with bokkens. Torigaya and Washizu make a rigged ballot for a local festival. The groups are: Ayame and Washizu, Yoichi and Ibuki, with Chihaya, Kagome and Torigaya in the final group. During the course of the festival, the Saginomiya clan siblings plot against Yoichi. Yoichi runs to a shooting gallery owned by the Saginomiya clan and futilely tries to win a prize. Ibuki wins the main prize for a family to go to a hot springs with a little help from Sakon Saginomiya, deputy of the Saginomiya clan. At the same time, Ayame constantly hurls abuse at Washizu until he clears up her misunderstanding of his confession. Washizu sees Ibuki and Yoichi in the distance and rushes off with Ibuki to leave Yoichi to Ayame. He finds that the person he rushed off with is actually Tsubasa with a haunted house mask. It is revealed the Saginomiya clan tricked Ibuki into winning the hot springs trip due to clan leader Ukyō Saginomiya's crush on her.

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