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"Draft Nomination / Class Change / Wolf / Superior Airs Woosh Woosh / Marco..."
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Episode Summary: As a new school year begins, Osaka is concerned about being separated from her closest friends. Yukari reassures that she as well as the other girls will be her homeroom students again. Kaorin tries to predict whether she will be in the same class as Sakaki by pulling the petals off flowers. The group finds themselves together, though Osaka fails to notice this at first because her nickname was used instead. Kaorin is overjoyed that she shares a class with Sakaki. Kagura is also in class with Sakaki, but the latter has not a clue who the former is. Yukari, who recognizes many of her students, is insistent on learning the names of incoming sophomores. Though Tomo is the mascot of the school, the insulting remarks of Kagura causes a fight between the two. Kagura joins Sakaki for the trip home, hoping that she would join the swimming team, even after she has already declined to join any other club. Chiyo is annoyed by freshmen fawning over her cuteness, and Sakaki is in a similar predicament happening over her perceived coolness. Tomo decides to make the class eat lunch early, fooling Kimura thinking it was already lunchtime. After class, Yukari brings in a kitten in hopes that someone will take it home. Chiyo hits upon the idea of having it as a class pet that students will take turns caring for. The girls get a chance to hold the cat, but it runs away when Sakaki is hesitant.

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