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"Cosmopolitan City / Showdown / Even If You Don't Fight / Covered in Cats / Don't Run"
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Episode Summary: Kagura helps a male foreigner move his luggage to the train station, struggling yet succeeding to communicating her intent. Yukari takes notice of this, attempting to demonstrate the proper way of handling such a situation, but fails to comply. Tomo draws an insult regarding Kagura's encounter. However, Tomo herself did not know that IT was abbreviated for information technology. Kagura joins Sakaki on the way to school, and starts talking about mountain bikes, but Sakaki is distracted by blooming flowers. Kagura challenges Sakaki in competitive eating at lunchtime, but Sakaki refuses to eat at faster than normal speed. Sakaki hits one of Kagura's pitches in softball during gym class, as the ball lands on Chiyo's head in the outfield. When it comes time to take physical measurements, Tomo is excited over an increased bust size. Sakaki becomes upset when Kagura draws on a Neco Coneco advertisement in a magazine when they are looking at pictures of mountain bikes. On the way home, Kamineko headbutts and bites Sakaki, but Kagura manages to shoo it away. At home, Sakaki daydreams of being in a meadow with cats, who initially growl at her but eventually turn friendly. She reads in the magazine of a road where cats gathers, and she sets out by bike to the location. When she returns and meets Chiyo and Kagura, she is bandaged in several places. Later on, as Sakaki and Kagura are walking, Kagura begins scaring away any cat that crosses their path, but Sakaki wants to face and overcome this problem on her own. After approaching Kamineko again, Sakaki is able to pet it, despite having been bitten already. Kaorin finds Sakaki at the arcade, unaware that Sakaki has been playing the crane game to collect more plush cats.

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