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"Tactics without Guard / S / Midterms / Formation / Ability"
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Episode Summary: A fight ensues when Yomi denies Tomo from seeing her mathematics homework. Tomo jokingly says that "a fruit next door is a fruit that feeds on families," to which Yomi delivers a left uppercut instead of a correction. Tomo, Osaka, and Kagura all ask Yomi the scope of the upcoming grammar exam, only to be referred as knuckleheads by her. The three decide to study everything but become carried away by discussing about martial artists. Kagura borrows Sakaki’s notes, yet ends up drawing arrows through an animal doodled in the margin. Tomo realizes that her prediction regarding the format of the grammar exam was highly mistaken. Tomo, Osaka, and Kagura performed poorly on the exam, comparing how low their scores are with each other. On the other hand, Chiyo and Yomi performed excellently on the exam. Tomo wants to acquire Chiyo's academic ability and Sakaki's athletic ability. Osaka offers her abilities to be tardy and forgetful, causing Tomo to envision the dramatic entrance that would come from the combination of these four abilities. After comparing her lack of intelligence with Kagura, Tomo discloses that she only had put effort in studying for the entrance exam, all just to attend the same school with a doubtful Yomi.

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