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"Shopping / Gathering / Sea! / Capturing Strategy / Adult's World"
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Episode Summary: Chiyo invites Tomo, Yomi, Sakaki, Osaka, Kagura, and even Yukari to her summer house. Chiyo and Osaka discover that two people should not ride on the same bike. They meet up with Tomo, who is shopping for an awesome swimsuit. Osaka confuses the escalator with the elevator. Sakaki arrives early the next morning so she can wait with Mr. Tadakichi. Chiyo had asked her father to rent a van for the group, since Chiyo was traumatized from riding in Yukari's car the previous summer. After arriving at the summer house, Tomo grabs the key from Chiyo and throws it into the nearby woods. When Chiyo finds the key, Yomi has Sakaki restrain Tomo to allow Chiyo to open the door. At the beach, Yomi takes requests for drinks. By the time Yomi is back with Osaka’s orange juice, Osaka’s swim ring has drifted far from shore. Sakaki sculpts a Neco Coneco figure in the sand, but the artwork is destroyed when Osaka returns ashore. Everyone changes into their yukatas for the summer festival. Nyamo has never worn a yukata before, yet is able to tie a necktie, according to Yukari. Sakaki wins a Neco Coneco toy at a shooting gallery and Kagura declares her a sniper. Back at the summer house, Yomi tells Tomo that sleeping and awaking early will profit in the long run. When Yukari brings out sake, Nyamo takes it upon herself to drink it to prevent Yukari from getting drunk. After drinking half the bottle of sake and several cans of beer, Nyamo answers Tomo's question concerning adult relationships. The next morning, Chiyo wants Nyamo to clarify what she said to Tomo, Yomi, Osaka, and Kagura, all who seemed very thankful for what they have learned the previous night.

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