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"Elated Yomi / Betrayal / Wakuwaku Wakuwaku / Companionship's End / Go"
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Episode Summary: Yomi returns with stories from her recent trip to Hokkaido after the winter break. Much to Tomo's displeasure, Yomi boasts about the things she experienced such as her first trip in an airplane, an all-you-can-eat crab buffet, and the outdoor hot springs in Noboribetsu. During her bad experience throughout the day, Tomo pays for bubble tea at a vending machine, but it pours the beverage without a cup under it. Yomi on the other hand, receives two cups when purchasing her own. During lunchtime, Tomo insists that Yomi will splatter her broth while she is eating ramen, only for her conjecture to backfire, causing Tomo to rampage wildly until accidentally hitting Ms. Yukari in the face with a lunch tray. After lunch, Osaka is seen reading a magazine of popular attractions, one of which being information on a new amusement park. Yomi later buys the amusement park guidebook, excited yet nervous about it. However, she develops a cold come nightfall, but calls Tomo informing her sickness. Tomo uses this opportunity to seek revenge for Yomi boasting about her trip. Yet Chiyo is sympathetic for Yomi not to be a part of the experience. The next day, Chiyo brings a souvenir for Yomi, only to see a mug with a picture of the girls on a roller coaster with an empty seat, as a joke by Tomo to show Yomi's absence. Chiyo later gives her the intended souvenir, a snowglobe with the feline mascot of the amusement park in the center atop a snow covered hill. The girls rush outside as snow begin to pile up, as they engage in a snowball fight. Yomi unfortunately develops another cold nevertheless.

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