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Episode Summary: Nyamo is set up for an arranged marriage by her mother, but she is insecure of her youth. A fatigue epidemic has spread throughout the homeroom class. During lunch, Osaka compares her yawns with that of Chiyo and Tomo. The three fall asleep, resulting in their tardiness in gym class, running laps around the track as punishment. Tomo mentions to the others that she confused hashed beef from curry during lunchtime. Though the swim team only practices during the summer, Kagura is training strenuously for the national championship swim meet. When Yukari invites Nyamo to go flower-gazing in the evening, they go to a hotel bar, much to Nyamo's surprise. They meet Eiko, a chief executive officer, who invites Nyamo to apply for a position as a gym instructor at her company. Nyamo declines the offer, already satisfied with her current job. Meanwhile, Chiyo goes out alone late at night to buy erasers at the convenience store, luckily running into Kagura. Eiko summons a few male co-workers to join the three. Chiyo wishes to mature faster in growth, but Kagura is not focused on a career or a marriage. Elsewhere, Tomo enters Yomi's bedroom through the window while a radio show is aired. After Yukari apparently scares off the co-workers, she and Nyamo decide to drink some more. The radio show recognizes a girl who had tried a "grainless" diet but failed to commit to it. Tomo infers that Yomi is the one mentioned, being greatly amused by this. Nyamo considers going through with the arranged marriage setup, but doubts it at the very end.

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