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"Anticipation / I Just Couldn't / Watery Grave / Island of Dreams / Mountain Cat"
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Episode Summary: Yukari announces a field trip to Okinawa, to which Chiyo is ecstatic as this is her first field trip due to her skipping from grade school to high school. On the day of the trip, Tomo and Kagura are revealed to have a fear of flying when the plane takes off. The girls immediately go sightseeing at Naha. After comparing the depiction of the Shureimon to a two thousand yen bill, they are drawn to the shisa in the Shuri Castle. The girls decide to have dinner at a hotel restaurant. While Tomo and Yomi concentrating on competitive eating at the buffet, Chiyo and Osaka are awed by the chanpurū. The girls visit the Manzamo cliffs the next day, but Chiyo has acrophobia from the heights. Tomo recklessly raises Chiyo over the railing, and Sakaki luckily catches her just as Tomo loses her grip. Yukari later join the girls in going scuba diving, which gave an impact on their enjoyable experience. Afterwards, they shop for souvenirs at Kokusai-dōri. Tomo provokes Yomi in obsessing over chinsuko. Chiyo and Sakaki buy plush shisa. Osaka piques her interest in sata andagi, inadvertently irritating Tomo. Kaorin finds Sakaki, as the two tell each other their next location of tourism. Sakaki notices that Kimura is wearing a shirt similar to that of Kaorin, much to her despair. Then the girls head to Iriomote, where Chiyo has made sightseeing plans. They sees warnings about Iriomote cats in the area, telling bypassers to reduce speed. An Iriomote cat, later recognized as Maya, appears from the nearby woods after Sakaki holds out her hand. Sakaki, after stalling from nervousness, manages to successfully pet and cuddle Maya without being attacked, much to her own surprise and delight. However, she must tearfully part with him when she is to leave Okinawa and return to Tokyo, promising to herself to one day reunite with him.

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