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"Chewed / Cheerleaders / I Didn't Think / We'll Run Together / United"
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Episode Summary: The athletics carnival for this year is just around the corner, and Osaka is looking forward to the competitive bread eating challenge, which is one of the new events of the festival. As she wonders how the bun is hung from a string in the challenge, Kagura inadvertently frightens her when she supposes a fish hook is used. Tomo asks Yukari to reward juice if the class wins, only for the latter to oppose for not profiting a gamble against Nyamo. Kagura is eccentric on the day before the athletics carnival, however she incidentally collapses the tent Chiyo and Yomi were pitching up. Feeling responsible, she assists in resetting up the tent. Kagura angers Yomi when she points out her absence of fattening bias while preparing to eat a large plate of katsudon. When the day of the athletics carnival arrives, Kimura suddenly springs up expressing his appreciation for girls in bloomers. During a costume race, Tomo and Chiyo dress up like a police officer and prisoner, respectively, and they win due to Tomo pushing all the competition out of their way. During the competitive bread eating challenge, Osaka is thoroughly confused due to the five different selections of bread. For the cheerleading contest, Kaorin meets with Yomi and Chiyo wearing a gakuran, but her emotions shift drastically when Tomo mentions that Sakaki is wearing one as well. Later, Chiyo worries that she may slow her team down for the relay race between classes, but is calmed down when reminded that Sakaki and Kagura are on her team. Tomo falls back from the lead, due to having depleted her stamina since before the race started, before passing the baton to Yomi. Osaka, using her strategy of running with open arms, fails to stop others from passing her, but Kagura later makes up for her lagging colleagues with her speed. Chiyo, on the other hand, despite giving her best, quickly falls behind, prompting a boy from another class to insult her. To make up for her friend, Sakaki speeds uncanningly ahead of the pack as soon as Chiyo hands her the baton. Unfortunately, Yukari stands as the anchor, and with Nyamo going up against her, she is guaranteed to lose until Yukari tramples her down as soon as she is overtaken, making Yukari's class to finish in last place.

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