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"Career Path / Showdown / Let's Hurry / Popularity / Together with Maya"
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Episode Summary: While browsing the internet, Sakaki learns that Maya's mother died in a traffic collision. At her house, Sakaki she fills out a form for possible career choices, thinking of applying to be a veterinarian, but she considers that she would have to move out and thus have her own pets. Even though Kagura blatantly points outs how cats are not attracted to her, Sakaki remains determined to have one when she goes off to live on her own. Later, on her way home with Chiyo, they are ambushed by a pack of cats led by Kamineko. As the cats charge at her, Maya suddenly appears and scares them away with a ferocious growl, just to fall ill soon after, which prompts the two girls to make a run for a nearby veterinarian. As they wait, Chiyo wonders how the orphaned cub managed to find Sakaki, who takes this as a sign. The doctor relieves them by saying that all it needs is to rest and be fed. Though the veterinarian suspects that Maya is an Iriomote cat, Sakaki throws him off by saying he is a mixed breed cat. Chiyo then volunteers to take care of the cub until springtime while Sakaki, determined to give her all to take care of him, finds her own place to reside. Upon hearing of the news, the girls all decide to stop by Chiyo's house to see Maya. While there, Osaka rushes to sit under a kotatsu in Chiyo's bedroom for comfort. Moreover, Tomo uses Maya to tease Mr. Tadakichi, which earns her a scratch in the hand from the kitten and harsh reprimands from Yomi. After the girls leave, Chiyo offers Sakaki to sleep over so she can stay with Maya. They notice how Maya seems to treat Sakaki as a surrogate mother, as she shows Chiyo her true colors.

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