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"Course Discussion / Pray for Success / Fight! / Study Session / Tomo and Osaka's Day of Fate"
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Episode Summary: With the entrance exams nearby, everyone is focused in it, except for Tomo, who rather ask wordplay questions to stump Chiyo. They are outmatched when Osaka manages to answer all questions correctly and cluelessly. Chiyo informs Osaka for possibly being a schoolteacher, after the latter is concerned for a suitable career. Yukari, after being consulted by Osaka, chews Chiyo out for feeling insulted. All the girls gather at Chiyo's house to study. On New Year's Day, the girls assemble at the shrine to pray for their success in the entrance exams. Tomo is mortified to get bad luck foretold for the upcoming year. Ironically, upon meeting Yukari and Nyamo, the former tells them that the son of the shrine priest did not pass his entrance exams, rendering all fortunes useless. Before their entrance exams, Osaka comes up with a superstition to allow all the girls to pass, in that they each must split a pair of chopsticks perfectly in half. Chiyo, in turn, gives them all lucky charms she handcrafted. At another study session at Chiyo's house, she muses about how fast their high school period passed by them, and they are about to graduate. Sakaki and Kagura manage to pass their exams, but Tomo and Osaka do not. However, they still have another chance to make it, and thanks to Chiyo, they eventually do. With that, there is only a violently resolute Yomi left to pass her own exams.

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