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"First Graduation / A Thousand Emotions / Sadness / Our Old School / Everyone"
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Episode Summary: Before the graduation ceremony, Osaka reveals to Chiyo that she suffers from hay fever, so she has to keep tissues and eyedrops with her at all times. Later, at the ceremony, Chiyo is presented with the prize of best academic performance, and brims with joy upon receiving a standing ovation started by Tomo and Osaka. When "Aogeba tōtoshi", the song that marks Japanese high school graduation, is sung, Chiyo is unable to hold back her tears upon remembering that she will have to leave her school behind. Later, Yukari comes into class devastated because she lost her wallet and, while handing out the diplomas, everyone starts contributing with money, though at low quantities. She quickly changes her mood when Nyamo comes with her retrieved wallet however. Nyamo is effusively congratulated by her class for all the work, Kimura bursts into tears when mentioning that the students will leave him company, and Yukari receives a large flower bouquet contributed by every student in her class. Afterwards, Kaorin asks Tomo to take a picture with Sakaki and demands a copy be sent to her. While Kagura thinks of obtaining a piece of furniture from the class as a keepsake, Yukari explains that she already has her memories of high school to take with her. Chiyo proposes that everyone goes to the amusement park again as a graduation trip, which Yomi accepts to come this time, but she feels insulted when Tomo says they should wait after her results come out. When leaving school, Chiyo takes her time to bid it farewell with one last bow. On the day that the entrance exam results are posted, Yomi is initially shocked when Tomo informs her that she did not pass, but Yomi rechecks this and sees that she has been approved along with the others. Finally, as they all head for the train station toward the amusement park, Chiyo realizes that, even after graduation, they will always be together.

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