B Gata H Kei Episode 3 English Subbed

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"Quickie in the Dark Room! Somewhat Dangerous Club Activities!?"

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Episode Summary: When Yamada learns of Kosuda's membership in the photography club, and finds out that he is going to develop a few pictures in the dark room, she turns that into a sneaky scheme to "obtain his golden cherry." While the dark room only has the red light on, Yamada undresses and advances behind Kosuda, only to back off when he turns around, but then Yamada accidentally trips the plug to the red dark room lights when another student is heard. Kosuda fumbles around for the light switch and accidentally touches her bare breast, having no clue what he was touching. Disappointed, Yamada runs out of the room after Kosuda finds the switch to the normal room lights, but he catches up with her in his bicycle and offers her a ride home. Meanwhile, with the school festival approaching, Yamada volunteers to become the ghost in their class' haunted house, because she sees it as a chance to kiss Kosuda in the horror booth. Kosuda never came, but Yamada is invited by Misato to participate in a contest for the School Festival Queen. She narrowly wins over Kyoka Kanejō, a transfer student. Kosuda, who was watching the show, thinks her victory will make her more unattainable to him--not knowing that she is waiting for him at the traditional bonfire dance. After some hesitation, he decides to rush over to Yamada for a dance, much to her delight (though she denies her excitement at first), but he has to wait in line. When it was his turn to dance Yamada, the song is over. They still dance, anyway, for quite a while.

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