B Gata H Kei Episode 4 English Subbed

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"Throbbing Christmas Eve. What Does a First Kiss Taste Like?"

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Episode Summary: Jealous of her sister Chika bringing home lots of cute guys as boyfriends almost every day, Yamada steps up again to seduce Kosuda, just in time for Christmas Eve. Yamada tries hard at the library to hint to Kosuda to ask her out, and he does. Kosuda's sister draws up a date plan. Kosuda and Yamada meet up, but nothing seems to go right. Kosuda gives Yamada some earrings, which she interprets as wanting sex, so she pulls Kosuda through the love hotel district, and starts scouting for cheap locations. Kosuda is very nervous but he attempts to kiss her, but is slow so Yamada tries to initiate one and practically gives him a massive headbutt. But their lips touch, and she runs away from Kosuda to hide somewhere. An overjoyed Kosuda decides to ditch the schedule his sister gave him and follow her, since that first kiss seems to have sealed his relationship with Yamada. She reports all progress to Takeshita, then goes out with Kosuda, waiting outside, to a love park, loaded with many couples hidden in the bushes making love. Yamada is thrilled as Kosuda is scared he might become an out-of-control beast should Yamada give the green signal. However, Kosuda finds out it's a total reversal, as Yamada is all geared up. However, inexperience kept on delaying "the main event," until it was eventually canceled because they found out that the park is filled with camera-shooting perverts.

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