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"Both the Immortals and Those Who Aren't Sing the Praises of Life Equally"
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Episode Summary: In 1931, Claire proposes to Chane, instructing her to carve the answer into the roof and then jump into the upcoming river. Nice and Nick steal explosives from the luggage car, and Nick also jumps into the river. A pool of blood appears on the roof, causing Jacuzzi and Goose to mistake it for the Rail Tracer and panic. In 1930, Ennis attacks Szilard as he is about to devour Maiza. On the Pussyfoot, Jacuzzi is able to push Goose off the train, causing the flamethrower's gas tank to explode. Isaac and Miria attempt to protect Czeslaw from the blood, which actually is Czeslaw's blood returning to his immortal body. In 1930, Szilard incapacitates and threatens Ennis, but Isaac and Miria defend her. Szilard then learns that Firo, the Gandor and the Martillo are still alive because they drank the elixir. Ennis tells Firo how to devour Szilard, and Firo complies. In 1931, Czeslaw attempts to devour Isaac, but Isaac and Miria tell him they will be his family. In 1930, Firo saves Ennis from the brink of death. In 1932, Luck reveals that he had Dallas cemented into a barrel at the bottom of the Hudson River as punishment for killing Gandor members. Eve allows Don Runorata to examine Dallas in his laboratory in exchange for his rescue and visiting rights. In 1931, the Pussyfoot arrives in New York. Isaac and Miria present Czeslaw to Ennis as her new younger brother as Maiza and Czeslaw reconcile. In 1930, Ronny comments that he knew about the elixir, but did not stop anyone from drinking it. He believes that everyone will make the best of it, exactly what he expected from them in the first place. In 1931, Claire finds that Chane will wait forever in Manhattan. He decides to fulfill his duties to the Gandor brothers before finding her. In 2001, Issac and Miria realized that they haven't aged.

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