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"Randy and Pecho Are Busy Getting Ready for the Party"
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Episode Summary: In 1932, Eve Genoard anxiously watches men dredge the Hudson River. In 1930, Dallas is beating a Runorata member, and Luck stops him. Aboard the Pussyfoot in 1931, Ladd tells Lua he will kill everyone in the world and then slowly kill her as a sign of his love. He leaves to check the dining car and bumps into Jacuzzi. He remembers that Jacuzzi is wanted by the Russo and follows him. In 1930, two Martillo accidentally set a warehouse on fire. Beneath the warehouse, an old man named Barnes has created an immortality elixir, but is only able to escape with only two bottles. In 1932, Eve visits the Daily Days, which is also an information broker, for information on Dallas. In 1930, Maiza and Firo briefly run into Isaac and Miria. Firo sees the warehouse fire and goes to investigate. He bumps into Ennis and chases her to return a button she dropped. Instead, he finds Dallas attacking Barnes and stops him. In 1931, Nice asks Nick, a member of her gang, to take care of the dining car, which he takes to mean hold the passengers hostage. In 1932, the Daily Days is unable to help Eve. In 1930, Dallas catches Barnes once again, kills him and takes the bottles of elixir from him, mistaking them for alcohol. Aboard the Pussyfoot, the Russo, the orchestra members, who are the Lemures in disguise, and Nick attempt to take the dining car hostage. Nick, only armed with a knife, sees the Russo and Lemures are better armed and flees. The woman in fatigues climbs out of the window and Isaac and Miria escape. In 1930, Ennis finds Barnes' recovering body. On the Pussyfoot, Jacuzzi discovers the conductors' mutilated bodies.

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