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"Hitagi Crab, Part One"

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Episode Summary: Koyomi Araragi catches Hitagi Senjōgahara as she falls down from a great height, Koyomi immediately notices that Hitagi weighs little to nothing, however he does not mention this to her. Later he asks Tsubasa Hanekawa, the class chairman, about her; he finds that she was sick and contemplates if that is actually the case. As he is leaving, Hitagi confronts him, as she threatens him she explains that a crab took her weight. When he agrees to keep quiet about her secret, she staples the inside of his mouth and proceeds to leave. Koyomi follows her and tells her that he may be able to help, to stop Hitagi attacking him he shows her that the wound in his mouth, inflicted a few minutes previous, had already healed. They go to see Meme Oshino, who after hearing her situation explains that it was the weight crab, a god, that took her weight.

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