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"Tsubasa Cat, Part One"

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Episode Summary: After school Koyomi finds Nadeko and they talk about how Shinobu looked at her and Suruga with a different gaze than Koyomi and Oshino. Tsubasa appears and Nadeko leaves abruptly, Koyomi and Tsubasa talk about how Koyomi has become a bad influence to Hitagi in school. Tsubasa gets a headache and Koyomi flashbacks into what happened in Golden Week, Tsubasa turned into a white "cat-woman" and attacked people by absorbing their vitality. Oshino reveals the problem is because of a huge amount of stress built up over the years. Koyomi acts as bait to attract the cat and Shinobu bites her draining her energy until she turns back into Tsubasa.

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