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"Tsubasa Cat, Part Two"

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Episode Summary: Hitagi and Koyomi are having lunch. She teases him and "asks" him to go on a date in a very roundabout fashion. He comes late but Hitagi doesn't seem to mind. While Hitagi's father drives them, Koyomi is teased, much to his discomfort and Hitagi's perverse amusement. She leaves him with her father and Koyomi is apprehensive initially. Her father tells him that he can't be there for her often and asks Koyomi to take care of her. Hitagi returns, blindfolding Koyomi and showing him an area where she has laid a blanket on the ground. They lay down and she tells him that the stars are all she has to give to him. She tells him that she loves him and Koyomi reciprocates. In the final exchange, she asks him to kiss her in the same manner she asked him out at the beginning of the episode.

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  1. reckon22

    Dec 31st, 2012

    I think its the best episode so far

  2. Tom Hofheinz

    May 1st, 2013

    Sweet, sweet, sweet.

    Young love, true love.

  3. sao


    Jun 15th, 2013

    That was so adorable, best episode so far! >.<

  4. lurkinggood

    Jun 16th, 2013

    4th time I’ve seen it. Beautiful.

  5. Tryhardrussian

    Aug 27th, 2014

    Loved this.

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