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"Tsubasa Cat, Part Five"

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Episode Summary: Araragi is confused after hearing that Hanekawa loved him as he heard from the bakeneko. After an arguing with the bakeneko that "it was a mistake", the bakaneko told him that there was another way to suppress the stress for good, to kill him. Araragi thinks that he could agree with that because he owed Hanekawa his life. But, Hitagi comes upon his mind and he chooses not to be killed. The bakeneko tells him that no one would help him in this situation. Araragi calls out Shinobu's name yelling for her help, and the vampire girl suddenly appears from Araragi's shadow. Everything is settled after Shinobu bites the bakeneko's neck and it reverts back to Hanekawa. The next day before school started, Araragi goes to Oshino's place to bring Shinobu back to him. It seems that nothing is left in the ruined cram school that used to be Oshino's place. After school, Araragi, Hitagi, Kanbaru and Hanekawa went back to Oshino's place searching for him. It seems he had left the place, making Araragi believe that Oshino believed he could handle the problems concerning Hanekawa and Shinobu.

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