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"Mayoi Snail, Part Three"

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Episode Summary: While waiting for Hitagi to arrive, Koyomi begins to find out more about Hachikuji's life. She is the only child of a couple that had undergone a bitter divorce. Hachikuji was put under the custody of her father, and had any contact with her mother deliberately cut off to the point where Hachikuji could barely recognize the face of her mother. Hitagi then arrives and apologizes to Koyomi. She reveals that Hachikuji does not exist, as she is actually dead. As a ghost, she can only be seen by those who have a subconscious desire not to return home. As a result, Hitagi could not see Hachikuji and didn't say anything because she feared that she might be "different" again. The information Oshino provides helps them find Hachikuji's mother's house, but it is a vacant lot. However, Hachikuji is happy and disappears, saying she's finally home. Afterwards, Hitagi admits that she is in love with Koyomi, and she is deeply intrigued by his desire to help anyone in need. Koyomi responds to her feelings with the precondition that they would not hide things from each other. At the end of the episode, Koyomi runs into Hachikuji again, who states that she has been "promoted" from a haunting ghost to a wandering ghost and that she'd like to visit Koyomi from time to time.

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