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"Suruga Monkey, Part Two"

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Episode Summary: Hitagi says she believes that Koyomi was hit by a car. He says he stumbled, which she seems to accept. Koyomi goes to Suruga's house, and finds that her room is filled with red books. She apologizes for beating him up the previous night. Koyomi asks about her unnatural strength, and she reveals that she literally has a monkey's paw. She also bluntly states that she is a lesbian, which is hard for Koyomi to swallow. Koyomi then takes Suruga to visit Oshino for help, where he determines that the arm is actually a lesser devil's, since a monkey's paw doesn't attach itself to its owner. As such, the arm will take Suruga's soul once three wishes are fulfilled.

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    Hell hath no fury like a lesbian scorned.

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    Why must the girl in sports be yuri?

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