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Episode Summary: Competition heats up between PCP and +Natural/Crow. Mashiro realize his art style is a tad too dark for their manga and gradually changes it each chapter which results in their rankings slowly getting better. Aiko becomes infatuated with Eiji after he acknowledges her talent while Eiji gets fired up again. +Natural gets the upper hand over PCP when the anime starts airing and things get worse when Eiji publishes a whole chapter without text, relying on the art alone, as response to Mashiro's development. Takahama's Ally of Justice and Fukuda's Road Racer Giri begin their new serializations too, heating up the competition even more. The episode ends with Mashiro and Takagi looking at the crossover between CROW and +Natural.

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  1. Cornerer

    Oct 16th, 2012

    just finished readin the manga … this season will be as gd as the last 2, if not better

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