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Episode Summary: The Greatful Sound festival is on, with Belle Ame on the primary stage, Malcolm (a Sykes-managed rapper) on the second stage, and Beck on the smallest third stage. Veteran Beck members think that if they fail to get more people than the other stages they should retire. Ryusuke mentions that he agreed to the bet because of the dream and then says some harsh words to Chiba, who runs away. The band starts to drift apart, with Taira standing for Chiba, as he goes around the festival site looking for his friend with Koyuki and Saku's help. Eventually, the three remaining band members think of quitting, due to the rain and being unable to find Chiba. Against the odds, Koyuki decides to go up on stage with only an acoustic guitar and starts playing a cover of "I've Got a Feeling" by the Beatles*. Shortly into the song he is accompanied by Saku; they start to make the crowd sway and flow with the song.

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    Koyuki should’ve freaked Maria’s brains out…

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