Beelzebub Episode 41 English Subbed

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"On the Brink! What'll We Do?"

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Episode Summary: Whilst everything is in commotion, Lord En continues his tour of the human world and is now in Akihabara. As usual, he also cries due to the maids being mistaken for cosplayers and he feels left out. Kanzaki and Yuka are both spying on Tojo and Izuma's fight, until two of the pillars: Graphel and Naga interrupt the fight and beat Izuma up. Izuma is revealed to be only half demon and hasn't actually made contact with any real demons before and so his power is weaker than that of a real one. Tojo then cuts in and so does Kanzaki however Graphel does not get a chance to fight Kanzaki, although Tojo fights Graphel, unconsciously with his instincts, however they soon leave to join Hecadoth. Tatsumi attempts to beat Hecadoth using his Zebel Blast, however is blocked easily. Saotome then enters and uses his spell master magic forcing Graffel, Naga and Hecatos to retreat. Quickly, they call Lamia and Dr. Bloo to check on Hilda before it's too late.

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